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RM Buses: Red London Routemaster Wedding Bus Hire


  • 21-06-14..



RM Buses is based in Manchester and is a UK registered company offering the hire of unique, classic and special vintage buses.


We operate throughout the north-west of England including Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire, Leigh, Preston, Wigan, Bolton, Standish and Chorley.


Our specialist services can be tailored to suit your exact needs for your special event, advertising campaign, photograph session or TV and film hire. The possibilities are endless but whatever your requirements we are here to turn your ideas into results.



Hire us to make your special occasion stand out from the crowd


•Birthday? Take your friends out somewhere special and have a day to remember.

•Wedding? Make your wedding day the talk of the town and give your guests a memory that will last forever.

•A new branch of your company opening?

•A special centrepiece for your company's event?

•Special sale or promotion to advertise?

•Attracting customers to your new store?


The possibilities are endless...



Vintage bus hire checklist


It is extremely important to check the following information when you are looking to hire a vintage bus for your special event.


•Valid Operators Licence: buses require an Operators Licence to work for hire or reward. Look out for the blue or green disc in the windscreen or cab area of the bus.

•Correct road tax: buses used for hire or reward require full tax to be in place instead of 'Historic' road tax used for private vehicles.

•Correct insurance: buses used for hire or reward require insurance in place to cover this type of use. Many vintage buses have insurance suitable for taking the bus to classic bus shows but not for hire or reward.


Never be afraid to ask questions as genuine operators will be only too happy to provide details of any proof requested.



Get in touch


Please visit our Contact page to get in touch with RM Buses and we'll help you put together your very own promotional package.