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RM Buses: Packages - Advertising options


Package one


Advertising option package one: use the standard advertising space on our buses.


This package utilises the standard advertising space available on our buses.


As you can see this allows your advertisement to stand out and reach your target audience whilst retaining the classic looks of the vehicle.

Package two


Advertising options package two: full advertisment on the rear of our buses to capture the attention of those who follow it.


Go on, admit it, how many times have you been stuck behind a bus?


Well now is your chance to get your advertisement across to all those motorists who usually sit and stare at a blank canvas. That blank canvas has your name all over it, imagine the possibilities.

Package three


Advertising options package three: get the ultimate impact with the full wrap. Take control of the whole bus and go wild with your design.


For the ultimate impact we have "the full wrap". This package enables you to take control of the whole bus and go wild with your design.


You can guarantee that with this package your advertisement will not go unnoticed by your target audience.


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