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Why advertise on our buses?


Bus advertising is mobile, can reach many areas and can target audiences. It can be adapted to many different forms to best suit the product or service being advertised. Studies show that a massive 80% of consumers admit to acting on advertisements they have seen on buses.



Don't miss the bus


With our eye catching fleet of buses you can be confident people will notice your advertisement and will never miss the bus again.



Where you need us most


The mobility of bus advertising makes it effective for targeting specific audiences and locations. This can prove far more cost effective than many other forms of static advertisements. Your advertisement will be at the heart of your target audience giving you the edge on your competitors.



Our bus advertising packages offer...


•Massive impact

•Direct to your audience

•Cost effective

•Maximum value for you the advertiser



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Get in touch


Please visit our Contact page to get in touch with RM Buses and we'll help you put together your very own promotional package.